Dr. Lorenzo Gonzalez is unlike any other physical therapist, trainer, or medical professional I have ever met. There are few professionals in the field of physical therapy that approach an injury or injuries holistically. Dr. Gonzalez, as evident through his education in the field of acupuncture, has a unique view of how a patient should be treated. As an athlete, I felt that my injury was not the focal point, rather, he looked at the whole kinetic chain and other possible issues that led to the final injury result. I flew down to New York City to spend several days dissecting my core weaknesses and strengths to create a more long-term strategy for my injuries.

During my personal run for the Olympics in 2006-2008, I was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and had been taking medication and seeing a therapist at home. During our travels, Dr. Gonzalez always paid acute attention to what was needed for me to perform. Personally, it was evident that he was interested in the athlete in both body and mind; often understanding the treatment or care could be more mental than physical.


Dr. Gonzalez was also one of the first trainers I knew of that could properly use “Kinesiology Tape”. Our team used to be wrapped up in Kinesio tape before it was widely available. The tape would draw looks from other fencers from other countries and trainers from other teams would ask Dr. Gonzalez what it was. The tape was used both while we were competing and to help aid in rest and recovery.


Dr. Gonzalez joined our USA Women’s Foil Team staff prior to the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. He treated the entire team with professional care and trust. Since most Olympic athletes do not receive sponsorship, Dr. Gonzalez used much of his own resources pro bono for myself and my teammates. I did not make the team, but the 2008 Women’s Olympic Foil Team that did go to Beijing won an unprecedented silver medal in large part because of Dr. Gonzalez’s abilities to keep them all whole and healthy after many years of repetitive injuries.

I count Dr. Gonzalez among my closest allies and friends. I only wish I lived in Miami!



Iris Zimmermann, 2000 Olympian and Co-Owner of the Rochester Fencing Club

Dr. Lorenzo Gonzalez is simply the best. I have never once gone to him with a problem he could not fix or a goal he didn’t help me reach. He takes the time to tailor your training program to your sport as well as your specific abilities and requirements, and he always goes the extra mile to make sure you have everything you need to succeed.”

By Emily Cross, Team Silver Medalist 2008 Beijing Olympics


From our silver medalist Olympians who have worked with Dr. Gonzalez extensively:

“Dr. Lorenzo Gonzalez is simply the best person to work with if you want to go from being a good to a great fencer! His approach to training and recovery is unparalleled! I highly recommend that every competitive athlete work with him if they want to bring their results to the next level!”

By Keeth Smart, Team Silver Medalist 2008 Beijing Olympics

After the 2004 Olympics, I suffered from numerous fencing related injuries and I didn’t think I would be able to fence again. Dr. Lorenzo Gonzalez created a unique personal training program that rehabilitated and strengthened my body so I could successfully compete in the 2008 Olympics. He is dedicated to the athletes he works with and passionate about helping them reach their goals. “

By Erinn Smart, Team Silver Medalist 2008 Beijing Olympics.

I started working with Lorenzo about two years prior to competing in the 2008 Olympic Games. We called him the magician because he could fix anything that ailed us, whether it was a sore back, helping to recover from knee surgery, a chronic wrist injury, jet lag; you name it, he helped us. His unending support and encouragement was crucial during my incredibly intense and stressful competition schedule. He helped me with my injuries, prepared an exercise program tailored towards fencers, helped keep me sane after a tough tournament, and was one of my biggest supporters. I can’t imagine my Olympic experience and journey without Lorenzo there and future athletes would be so lucky to work with him.

Hanna Thompson, 2008 Olympic Silver Medalist

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