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Medal Bound was created to fill a void for olympic-bound athletes in athletic care and development. Too often, many amateur athletes do not have the resources to allow for optimal performance. In 2005, the journey began helping 8 olympic-bound fencers.  


This involved treatments, training programs, nutritional planning and traveling internationally over the course of 3 years leading to the Beijing Olympics. Unfortunately, this meant a great deal of out-of-pocket expense.  Our hope is that Medal Bound will provide both financial and professional resources, and assist these athletes in realizing their Olympic dream.

Our team has extensive experience caring for olympic-bound athletes. Our very own Michael Gostigian is a three-time olympian and extraordinary performance specialist.  Bob Seebohar, Sport Dietitian and Elite Performance Coarch has worked at the US Olympic Training Center and has extensive experience and knowledge in physiological assessments & devising training programs. Lorenzo Gonzalez has over 25 years of athletic care and brings a mixture of both East & West treatment modalities.


As you can see in the performance specialist page, the athletes will receive a very well-rounded treatment program.  All aspects of athletic development will be addressed.


Our goal is to raise sufficient funding to provide the most current state-of-the-art treatment and training options.

In the end, we hope to help as many athletes as possible realize their olympic dream. With just under two years to go, there is a great deal of hard work ahead.  Thank you for visiting our site and hope that you become part of our team.


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